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noun: (Chicano-slang) Reference to an individual who is reckless and fearless, flys off the handle, possibly violent, psycho+cyclone, like a hurricane, crazy M.F., someone you don't want to mess with.
When I walk downtown LA at 2 AM, I take Paco with me because el es un psyclone.
by Laniidae August 02, 2007
One of the worst woodie coasters in CA...Firewood...Waste of killing trees...Pain....Roughness
Six Flags Magic Mountain
by x November 13, 2003
A barrage of mind fuckery
Person A: I had the longest conversation with my (significant other). Apparently, I'm always wrong even though I'm right half the time. I've done nothing but "fuck up" and attempt to purposely sabotage our relationship and I actually apologized for being myself. Then I somehow agreed to try harder on being more of the better person he/she wants me to be. I'm not quite sure what just happened...?

Person B: (In pity) You just got Psycloned.
by Hocico January 19, 2009
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