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Anonymity by using pseudonyms in social networking media. A means for users to express their less than savory opinions and traits (e.g. trolling) without hearing about it from their mum or colleagues afterwards.
grrrl_93 = fun-lovin' pseudonymous
well_hung = poor ignoramus

"grrrl_93: Want to see a vid I made? It's a bit risqué.
well_hung: oooh yessss!
grrrl_93: Okay, look here: (links to Xtube)
well_hung: WAAAAAAH!
grrrl_93: Meet up?
well_hung: DUDE!
...well_hung has logged off"

grrrl_93/well_hung: 1/0 - win by pseudonymity.
by barbama October 05, 2011
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