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a kind host who is not arrogant but humble. Adnan is known by many as a "true friend"
Everyone should try and strive to be an Adnan!
by pseudonymous October 28, 2003
A form of bong other than the bucket, waterfall or bottle amongst many others. The lung is primarily made of a slightly adjusted two-litre soda bottle and a plastic bag, and gives a good excuse to look cool by saying lung 'bung' instead of lung bong.
'Someone fetch me my lung bung!'
by Pseudonymous December 13, 2003
An adjective derived from Pseudonym:

1) A word to describe a fake or fictitious name. From some long greek word meaning 'falsely named'.
2) Can be used as a referal to someones name as an indication of how fake they are.
His name couldn't possible me Igunbeetranter, pseudonymous to say the least.
by Pseudonymous December 13, 2003
Thought to mean:
Not civilized; barbaric/fearful; ferocious

But in fact describes the effects of a severe beating from a person or animal (especially a dog)
His arm was savaged by that mean-ass dog.
by Pseudonymous December 13, 2003
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