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used as an insult, more appropriately used on people whos faces actually resemble a prune.
"look at that prune"
by itchyscrot April 03, 2003
37 42
Someone who either directly or indirectly prevents people from having fun.
Roommate 1: Hey man, it's raining, can we smoke in the dorm?

Roommate 2: No, Roommate 3 is being a prune and is spending all day in the dorm, and he'll totally rat on us if we smoked while he was in the room.

Roommate 1: Fuck man, prunes ruin everything.
by ErrorFM February 05, 2010
120 61
a guy who wont do anything with a girl . thought to be gay
omg andrew is so prune
by boarderchick January 20, 2007
147 117
A person who is acting like a prick, or immaturely. Or it can be used for a plain old douche bag. It can be used as a substitution for gay, faggot, Jew, or any politically insensitive term.
-Do you see that guy acting like he owns the place over there?
-You mean the sleazy one hitting on all the girls?
-Yeah, what a prune.
by pacothejew August 02, 2011
48 42
a derogatory term for someone who is annoying, a party pooper, uptight, or just plain weird
Bob: Dude this is the best game ever!

Joe: Are you kidding me? Our team is losing!

Bob: But the game itself is so wonderful!

Joe: Dude, you are such a prune
by amdude11 July 24, 2010
44 47
(Taken from gardening, the removal of unwanted foliage):

To erase information, usually personal information, that was posted on the Internet in an attempt to reclaim anonymity.
Having so much information available on Facebook is exposing yourself. You might want to prune it.
by Memphis Jay April 06, 2008
18 23
(v., Irish slang) To grab someone's testicles and squeeze hard. A common tactic of bullies in Irish schoolyards.
Damo and Anto held Paddy down while Tommo pruned him.
by UrbanDick75 November 01, 2009
32 39