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alternate spelling of "bullshit", popular with computer programmers
"this is boolshit"
by itchyscrot April 03, 2003
white liquid that issues from the one-eyed trouser snake on occasion.
"shit i've sprayed man mustard everywhere"
by itchyscrot April 01, 2003
Male Genitalia
"you've put yoghurt everywhere with your yoghurt rifle"
by itchyscrot July 14, 2003
something that's a load of crap, not very good at all, derived from "cobblers" which is a common expression in england. can be shortened to "shoe"
"see my car, that's a load of shoemenders"
"that film I saw yesterday was a load of shoemenders"
Wife: "Do you Like My New Dress?"
Husband : "No its a load of shoe"
by itchyscrot April 03, 2003
something thats extremely crap. derived from an english saying "cobblers". can be shortened to "shoe"
"that film was a load of shoemenders"
"that car over there is a load of shoe"
by itchyscrot April 11, 2003
phrase to be used to express disapproval of someone
"that tosser that stole my beer wants killin"
by itchyscrot April 04, 2003
used as an insult, more appropriately used on people whos faces actually resemble a prune.
"look at that prune"
by itchyscrot April 03, 2003

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