A middleman who can get things that might be hard or illegal to obtain.
Joseph: Yo, where's the proxy with the chronic?
Manny: He's coming just wait man
by UrADream March 18, 2015
Away to get around websence for...
or any thing u want
will revise when
proxy avoider is downloaded
a p-r-o-x-y avoider sim to get around websence
by travis brewer December 06, 2007
To have sex with someone by proxy, ie. their brother or sister.
I had sex with Sandra Bullock's cousin's cousin Heather Bullock and thus I proxied Sandra Bullock.

Dude, your wife's sister is hot.. How's it feel to proxy that?
by J e r e m y March 18, 2010
1) v. to sign for someone else on an attendance sheet
2) n. A signature of person P signed by person Q
1) I'll not be coming in today, put my proxy
2) My proxy got caught yesterday, so don't do it again.
by Gunkglumb May 28, 2005
Adj. Someone who's almost very attractive but not quite. Contraction of "pretty foxy". Also shortened form of "appROXImately cute".
Mallrat 1: "That girl is HOTTT!"

Mallrat 2: "Not when shes get closer..she's just proxy".
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
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