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Be proud of something in ironical way. To be proud as prawn.
- Hey you found the task description for coursework you must have started 2 month ago.
- Yeah I'm pround of myself.
by Kewko December 11, 2010
A combination of the english words "Proud" and "Fond". Often used when a sense of joyous ecstacy overcomes your ability to comprehend spacing between words resulting the the binding the the afformentioned base words.
"I am quite pround of my son..."
"I know one guitar solo, but it's nothing i'm very pround of..."
by Jermayayah Clemenson July 17, 2006
An abbreviation of "perfectly round".
Guy 1: "Dude that circle you drew is pround."
Guy 2: "What?"
Guy 1: "You know, like perfectly round."
Guy 2: "oh, yeah it is, now that you mentioned it"
by PBombNZ September 08, 2014
a meaty substance that comes out of your mouth when you sleep
"dammit baby, there's pround all over my pillow!"
by Breegid December 01, 2004
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