A girl or woman who takes advantage of her own physical features to lure men in to bed. In most cases men over the age of 16, causing it to be commonly classed as rape. She has blonde hair and wears typically short items of clothing. Sleeps with up to 15 men and usually only has sex with random pedophiles because apparently sex is better than a relationship. Good on you SLUT.
Prostitutes outside your house
by thatonewhoflyskites January 18, 2012
Someone,(Yes, boy or girl) that sells dick munches and such.
~South Park~
{Cartman get knocked out (I think) and then wakes up and thinks he a prostitute..)

Cartman- Harro!! Sucky-Sucky one Darra!
by WUUT March 22, 2008
1. A whore who sells herself for money, mainly on a corner.
2. A person carrying many STD's
3. Someone who will pleasure another human for money
4. A girl who needs a PIMP to tell her what to do.

Hey Rebecca, Do you see that girl macy over there on the corner giving that guy head? He's paying her 20 bucks!!!.. She's a TOTAL prostitute.
by MeofChorse November 24, 2005
A whore that gets fucked for money.
Look at how infested with HIV's that prostitute is.
by Ben Brady May 24, 2005
a girl who knows she is only good for one thing so decides she might as well get paid
black girls, Mexican girls and white trash, prostitute
by jerome and fray May 17, 2009
A (usually) enslaved woman who is paid for the public (meaning men) use of her vagina. Contrary to a large chunk of public opinion, most of these poor women are NOT doing this of their own volition. They are usually exported from 3rd world countries by amoral people who are interested in furthering their own interests at their expense.
"Hey old chap, know who's a hypocrite?"
"Bang on. How he could pay to have sex with a prostitute after having come down so hard on people involved in the racket baffles me. Then again, most public officials' behaviour baffles me."
"heheh, right on old fellow, right on."
by thesoccergod April 02, 2008
a girl of sluttish activities
You see that prostitute, Maggie, standing on the corner?
by Fingerpuppet September 14, 2006

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