the narrow definition is of someone who trades sex for money.The appropriate definition is of someone who trades sex in the broadest sense for economic gain.The key difference is that the second ,broader definition describes a spectrum;

- money for sex by the act, hour or night
- sugar baby/daddy relationships (sex and arm candy for a retainer)
- mistress ( Sex and arm candy plus conversation and company for living expenses and spending cash)
-trophy wife/husband (arm candy ,sex and company for a good lifestyle)
-trophy wife/partner with child ( hostage taker, no more sex or companionship, But lifestyle guaranteed by marriage or child support/alimony .
-gold digger partner ( sex and devotion first exchanged for lifestyle, then extorted.
these so called sugar babies are just prostitutes
by Notkimk December 05, 2014
A prostitute is simply a person who has sex for money
Girl: mom I'm a prostitute
Mom: oh no! Well did you at least get money
Girl: no I got bacon
Mom: oh that's a relief, because it's not prostitution if you pay them in bacon
Girl: yay I'm not a prostitute then
by ~:^) April 09, 2014
Destiny. Fun, outgoing, sexual, and fucks for cash. A person. Either Girl or Boy.
Lets go find a prostitute somewhere.
by IamaGirl February 01, 2014
A very slutty girl or women who gets paid to get STD's.
Steph is a definitely a prostitute; she sleeps with a different guy every day and gets paid for it.
by loveyaHUN26 May 19, 2011
Your mom.
"Your father... *tear* was a great man... I remember when he slapped my-"

Example of your mother telling a tale of her days on the streets as a prostitute.
by Zexion's Betch September 12, 2010
Someone who's paid to drop their pants.
Sally prostituted herself for Johnny.
by Spongebob° May 01, 2009
a prostitute is someone who loves you no matter who you are, what you look likeeeeeeeee
Jesus: Kenny's only doing this for money. He's a prostitute!

Random guy: I'll pay him 20 bucks to eat someone else's vomit.

Stan: What's a prostitute?

Kyle: Dude, I don't know!
by justlikeheroin13 December 19, 2006

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