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A woman (or occasionally man) who started out looking for love, gave up on love after being used too often and now lets people sleep with her/him for money and or other "favors", sometimes gains feelings of empowerment from this (though usually not - there's always some hotter b**** trying to hate on or disrespect), and can still manage to hold up his/her head because they've seen how low humanity can sink. After all, it takes two to tangle, and a prostitute's seen more than two...

The sort of woman some men appreciate, but for less than a night.
"Man, with the way Lorna hangs around, you'd think she were your prostitute."
"I keep her low. Outside the bedroom, I don't even give her the time of day."
by Soda1234 February 08, 2009
What nuns were before they were nuns.
You were all prostitutes before you became nuns!
by Lupinassthefourth August 08, 2008
A person who sometimes have to just to pay the bills.Someone may have been wanting to have sex with you and you are not attracted to them and you'll be like well break me off .
a single parent whom can 't provide will prostitute by any means necessary to provide. I know you may be like get a job but it's not as easy when you have no skills, no high school diploma
by foru2envy January 19, 2008
A girl or woman who takes advantage of her own physical features to lure men in to bed. In most cases men over the age of 16, causing it to be commonly classed as rape. She has blonde hair and wears typically short items of clothing. Sleeps with up to 15 men and usually only has sex with random pedophiles because apparently sex is better than a relationship. Good on you SLUT.
Prostitutes outside your house
by thatonewhoflyskites January 18, 2012
a girl that turns down a co-worker just because he is 32, lives with his parents, makes no money, doesn't have a drivers licence and is distinctly unattractive.
See that girl in cubicle 3? She turned me down for Saturday night. What a prostitute!
by stranded in kansas August 14, 2009
my pricipal!!!!!
she dresses like a prostitute!
by Twinkie101 February 07, 2009
Profession: one who sells a hole in their body for the exchange of monetary enhancement.

Social Group: A generic term encompusing all useless dumb bitches including males, who for some reason are unable to maintain a respectable form of employment.
If an example is needed, then you fall under "Social Group" thus making you a ignorant prostitute.
by wonk September 24, 2006