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Abrieviation of proper respect
Props dude, you just pulled the fittest girl in the club
by shritis August 30, 2006
Acknowledgent and appreciation of anothers abilities
hey dude you better respect my mother else i will tear you a new one
by shritis August 30, 2006
An expression for showing appreciation of anothers actions
Proper respect to steve for the slaying that army of evil ninja parrots
by shritis August 30, 2006
A comment showing huge respect/appreciation for anothers actions
Bare props to my main man Dan for scoring a 3-pointer from the halfway line whilst balancing with one foot on the back of a buckarooing bull
by shritis August 30, 2006
1) Appropriate for a condition or situation
2) Thoroughly
1) Cutting steak with the proper knife is much easier

1) When stood within slap reach of a lady it is not a proper moment to call her a bitch

2) Kate mashed Tims potatoes good and proper
by shritis August 30, 2006
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