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2 definitions by alicojolico

meaning extremely, really, or very
I was proper tired after spending the day out


I stopped hanging out with those lads because they were proper scallies and always got me in trouble!
by alicojolico November 01, 2007
A W.O.W body is one that has become fat, ugly and out of shape due to hours of playing World of Warcraft.
Dave: Dude, I've got no idea what to do on this homework!

Joanna: Just ask Neville the Nerd for help.

Dave: Who the heck is Neville the Nerd?

Joanna: Oh, you know that smarty-pants kid with the W.O.W body.

Dave: The one with the love handles and man boobs?

Joanna: That's the one!

Dave: Oh yeah! That dweebster knows everything!
by alicojolico April 14, 2009