Promenade of promiscuity
Ah, the prom. Oh, the pageantry. Oh, the debauchery!
by TreeWeezel April 04, 2011
Waste. Of. Money.
You have to pay obscene amounts of money for a god damn dance. Prom means you have to buy a Dress/Tux, Ticket, Limo, hotel, dinner, etc.
by realitydoe January 07, 2012
Also known as p.r.o.m. or pussy right on midnight. The event in which many fornicate with one another.
Are you going to prom?
Hell yeah! I love to fornicate
by louisianimal April 21, 2010
Pretty Rad Opportunity to Mate
1: Dude you stoked for P.R.O.M.?

2: Yeah but my date's mormon :(

1: Two weeks left, Fuck it.
by Missoula May 03, 2009
A formal dance. A girls dream. Best dance of the year.
Jacey will you go to prom with me? :)
by jakecampbell January 09, 2012
An expensive dance that's held for horny teenagers to grind up on each other and get totally wasted after
I spent $100 for prom tickets to dance
by Country PotatO May 11, 2014
A night where girls to young to go, as well as college girls, sit around and wait for pictures to be posted. This is so they can judge hard on the girls that look like sloots as well as the ones you look just terrible.
"Can't wait for prom pictures to come up tonight!"
by Paige McGellar April 21, 2012

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