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A formal occasion to mark the end of school and moving onto college. Girls and Boys both pay a large amount of money to the organises, who then take this money and turn peoples dreams into reality. It usually includes large marquees, dj's, all decorated with fairy lights. Girls wear expensive dresses which keep them dignified and elegant. It is a night to remember and so most people tend to splash out. Boys wear suits or tuxes which ensure formal attire.
e.g. I am going to a prom at the end of my school year.
by Prom Girl March 21, 2012
A formal dance. Best dance of the year. A girls dream.
Jacey will you go to Prom with me? :)
by jakecampbell January 19, 2012
promise in short.
i won't hurt your feelings, prom.
to dress to kill and live like a killer.
i prom myself for the night of your life.
by nobody you know February 16, 2004