(noun) formal dance, usually in the springtime.

for high school juniors and seniors, and the occasional underclassman who gets asked by a desperate upperclassman.

slightly overrated.

some may experience a 'creative' way of being asked to the dance.
'creative' way of asking: someone painting 'PROM?' on the hood of your brand new car with paint that actually doesn't wash off. you deny him, but take the homemade cookies he made for you, because shit, your car is fucked.
by hellen4you November 14, 2009
Porn involving dyslexia.
Dyslexio: How was your prom last night?
Dyslexia: The lighting sucked, but then again, so did I.
Dyslexio: You're so dirty.
by authOOr June 18, 2006
An annual demonic festival of hormonally-repressed acne-faced youth who nefariously gather to revel in a night of fiendish debauchery in order to expend their youthful vigor in devilish, evil practices that irreversibly corrupt the faith of our community and decay the very moral fiber of our society.
Prom sucks.
by semi-professional troll September 27, 2011
Also See The Ball.
The Prom sounds very Similar to The Ball
by sxar June 17, 2005
A place where nice dudes spend a lot of time and money to get their heart ripped out.

Where all the tools get laid by their whore girlfriends.
Prom messed me up, man. Spent 400 dollars and am STILL a virgin.

Those douchey tools are totes gonna get laid after prom... or, perhaps on the dance floor.
by Sir AJ September 05, 2011
1)high school sponsored prostitution 2) a large gathering of horny immature high school kids dancing to lame ass music, with absolutely no access to vodka or rum 3) the "best night" of a middle-aged person's life
lame high school boy "for as much money as i've spent on this girl she better put out, or it's the end or our relationship"

30 years later lame high school boy to son "Son, this will be the best night of your life. It sure was mine, your mom doesn't put out nearly as well as that whats-her-name i fucked after my prom"
by morgan12 February 24, 2011
Promenade of promiscuity
Ah, the prom. Oh, the pageantry. Oh, the debauchery!
by TreeWeezel April 04, 2011

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