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the act of putting off packing for a trip
I was procrastipacking all night and almost missed my flight.
by Amy Frasu January 05, 2009
When you know you are leaving on a trip a few days in advance, yet you put off packing till minutes before you leave.

Sometimes used as a tool to increase stress to make sure you don't forget anything important
David: Dude, did you hear Isaac isn't even packed yet?
Chris: Yeah dude, he told me that he still has a pile of dirty laundry to do, and the bus leaves in 2 hours!
David: Yeah no kidding, looks like he will be in for some procrastipacking
by Markus Lullman April 05, 2011
Waiting until the last minute to shove random clothes in a bag before going on an extensive trip.
Sally's mother was upset because she was procrastipacking 30 minutes before they had to catch their flight to Guam.
by dinosaurusus August 18, 2011
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