What unemployed people put as their Occupation on internet profiles to try and sound clever.
Name: John Smith
Age: 28
Occupation: Procrastinating
by Astrantia April 10, 2003
Top Definition
what you're doing right now. get the fuck off and finish your work.
seriously why are you even reading this? you're wasting time. go do some work. now. no more procrastinating.
by southafricansomeone May 18, 2010
What I'm doing right now!
UD is great for this kind of thing.
by wysiwyg August 14, 2004
What teenagers do when they dont want to do their homework
"Do your hw!" yells mother.
"No i think id rather do something that wont benifit me at all!" yells procrastinating teen going through puberty.
by James J December 19, 2005
What you're doing right now.
Hmm, I don't want to do this project, so I'll look up procrastinating on urbandictionary!
by still_procrastinating May 01, 2010
Definition, you right now. Chances are you searched this in irony so that way you wouldn't have to do that essay due in tomorrow, or to stop you from cleaning your room.
There is also productive procrastination, which is when you do your errands to stop you from doing what you're ACTUALLY meant to be doing.
You: Lets see, what can I do instead of working for the next five minutes? I know, I'll search procrastinating on Urban Dictionary.
Me: Should I do my revision for my AS exams? ... Nah best define Procrastinating on Urban Dictionary.
by Mechgeek May 14, 2011
something im doing right now
MOM: Johnny, stop procrastinating and do your homework.
Johnny: Never.
by TotalNoobSauce February 18, 2008
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