What you and me are doing right now.
I should really finish that essay but I don't feel like it so I'm procrastinating.
by HolyFatherFucka December 22, 2010
A word that is popularly used in setting facebook status for no good reason.
Santa is Procrastinating.
by paliam May 07, 2009
I'll get a definition for it later.....
teacher: John did you do you're paper?

John: No, I was playing Black ops all night to avoid doing it.....

teacher: grrrrrr Procrastinating...
by Thatgingerkid December 05, 2010
You bothered to turn to the next page for this? C'mon, you know the meaning already now go revise/do your hw/clean your shit.
I personally am supposed to be revising, but no. Started writing up yet another definition to procrastinating. Yes, I am procrastinating.
by master-procrastinator June 21, 2012
Someone who severely procrastinate and loses their amenity of procrastinating; therefore, the heavy procrastinators become pro at crastinating.
David: Mr. Goodger, I'm going to procrastinate on my Trig and Pre-AP Physics test. I'm good at procrastinating.
Mr. Goodger: Be careful David, if you procrastinate too much, you will lose your amenity become a pro at crastinating. In other word, pro-crastinating.
David: Ha! whateva, da crew n i r goin' driftin' at da zoo!
by BenchMax345 March 20, 2008
What you're probably doing right now instead of cleaning your room, doing homework, or getting ready for the first day of school.

What I am doing right now.

Le'ts get off of our lazy butts and get things DONE.
"Clean your room!"
"blehhhh.... no. I'm tired."
"No you're not, you're just procrastinating."

Yeahh.. That was really bad. I'm lamee/:
by aPseudonymer.. August 09, 2011
You're doing that right now aren't you? Get off the internet and do your homework.
No seriously, stop procrastinating right now and get off the internet. Don't try and go to a new tab. Do your homework!
by electricspider93 September 28, 2014

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