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To put off,and many times never to get done,or try to complete in the last Hr. People who don't finnish the job.
Other people will lose interest in depending on you. To procrastinate could cause you to miss a very important meeting, the roof will link, that tire will blow, the Dog will eck in the house, your wife will leave you.
I'll do it tomorrow...Procrastinated homework that is incomplete...You will get an F . It's a very bad habit to get cought up with.

Do what has to be done, and do it now.
If you procrastinate it may never get done.
by Maria Montass December 14, 2009
What most people do in their life from one time to another
You're probably doing it write now, I know I am

When you don't want to do work and you keep staring at it. You do something else and hope the homework fairy will come and do it for you...
I should be writing my essay, but I'm busing reading disturbing definitions. I really shouldn't procrastinate.
by donottouchthat February 05, 2013
Procrastination is when you- you know what? I'll tell you later.
See "Procrastinate"
by Jakepqtt October 28, 2011
To drag one's ass in such a pathetic manner as to ensure one's place in life as a complete loser.
Courtney had a lot of potential, but because she would procrastinate, she now lives in a cardboard box on the street.
by MiraRen May 27, 2006
Ill write the meaning later.
I procrastinate so much instead of doing work.
by gobsalmighty May 20, 2014
Engaging in acts of pleasure that may otherwise distract you from completing day to day tasks.
I procrastinated last night before bed, causing me to stay up later than intended. I overslept and decided to procrastinate before work. My life feels chaotic because I am always procrastinating. Some may suggest that I need an intervention, but I don't necessarily want one. Fear of failure may lead someone to procrastinate.
by leahbiah January 25, 2014
when you notice something outside your window, such as a swarm of butterflies or a shinny object or your neighbor picking his nose, that keeps you from doing whatever you have to get done.
i dont really have an example, because the definition was to amazing!

(procrastinate) they needed the word...
by joey!! ;D April 19, 2010