what you are doing right now.
get back to work
in response to accusations of grade inflation in the US colleges, alluc.org was developed to devastating effect. And by now my show is done downloading and I must get back to 'procrastinate' ing.
by johnsmith101 March 01, 2007
comes from latin: pro: 'toss forward'; cras: 'tomorrow'
I have to start writing a thesis and I don't. If I keep on procrastinating I will be terribly moody.
by Annie August 18, 2004
To be incredibly lazy, or similar to me.
Why is pprocrastination so important:
I'll tell you later.
by Zach G. December 03, 2003
to put things off until last minute; what you are probably doing right now
Sally: OMG! I finished my history homework! Did you finish yours?

Bob: No... I'm procrastinating.

Sally: You always procrastinate! Bad boy!
by futymore December 17, 2009
Not doing any work (specifically homework) until its too late to turn it in while getting As on test and averaging a C in the class.
Those magnet kids are such fucking slackers. Maybe I should stop procrastinating and join the slackers.
by Charlie March 26, 2005
When you put off something until you cannot put it off any longer, or keep figuring out excuses not to do something.
I procrastinate a lot when it is time to do my homework.
by Avilla March 07, 2008
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