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The act of wasting time, or putting off other more important activities by masturbating.
1) Last night was awful; I had a sumative essay to finish, but I spent all my time procrasterbating!

2) 'Where's Ed?'
'I dunno, but he has a lab report to finish for tomorrow and you know what he's like... Probably procrasterbating again.'
by Danp January 29, 2007
Using masturbation to otherwise occupy yourselfwhile pressing matters await.
I had a paper due today, but I spent all night procrasterbating.
by Greek anaconda February 03, 2010
Masturbating when there are important things to be done, or deadlines to meet.
I didn't finish my report because I was procrasterbating.
by Uh...Fred? November 12, 2011
Verb to 'procrasterbate'= To masterbate or 'have a wank' to pass the time when you are supposed to carry out another task.
"Hey Dom hows the job-hunting"
"haven't done any yet been procrasterbating over anything remotely sexual all day"
by Dom 'word smith' myers May 05, 2010
The act of procrastinating your nut during masturbation by taking short breaks in between strokes.
Guy 1: Dude! Hurry up and come to the mall. Stop procrasterbating!
Guy 2: Sorry dude I'm a serious procrasterbator. You know this.
by BlueJuice March 14, 2012
the act of masturbating to put off an important activity
tyler; i had a paper due today but instead i spent the whole day procrasterbating
by mrgdawg111 May 26, 2012
Using masturbation as an excuse for procrastinating
dad: did you clean your room?
you: ohh, ohh, yeah, just... one.... second
dad: what are you doing in there?
You: Procrasterbating
by loserlord12 August 20, 2011
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