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A predicament one may find one's self in.
For fucks sake you fucking cunt what is your cunting problem
by Neil999 September 08, 2006
A word used to refer to an erect penis.
Jess was cuddling in bed with Alex when she suddenly felt his problem poking her.
by UpDownStrange May 25, 2014
To fart on an extreme scale of either quantity(volume/amount) or quality (potency/linger time)
Arr mate you've got problems
by Team Cabbage August 30, 2006
Where EMS stands for Extra Marital Sex instead of Emergency Medical Services!
While doing a crossword puzzle with some friends...A friend says name me an eight letter word that ends in EMS. Without hesitation the local fire chief yells PROBLEMS! I didn't have them without EMS!
by 44431 October 26, 2011
To have problems is to have a bad case of intestinal gas.
"Phew! Somebody in here has got problems!"
by Dylan Hewson April 20, 2005
An Attractive girl who you feel you might have a slight chance of hooking up with. Generally are found running around ASU/USC/Florida or other warm climate schools. Enjoy Sex and do not mind having there thong AKA "Tail" hang out of their pants. One can only hope they do not have an STD or hope it is at least a curable one.
Nick: That Girl is soooo damn Hott

Talal:Nick that girl is 12 years old.

Nick: i Don't care....old enough to pee, old enough for me. Trust me she is truly a "Problem"

Talal: Die Nick

by Nick Wells February 09, 2009
Ignorant people who HATE peace.
People who HATE other people (namely our President) have a definite peace problem.
by the Seal July 20, 2006