Opposed to the primitive and brutal trolling, probing is the martial arts of intellectual deconstruction of forum and chatroom activities, dominating in three categories:<br>1. Keeping a thread or discussion active as long as possible<br>2. Demonstrating opponents lack of intelligence through the use of irony, parody, sarcasm, information and wit<br>3. Making the whole thing entertaining to read for friends.
When a probing session (that can take up to several weeks) is over, the page or conversation may be mirrored and published on a website for further public enjoyment.
1. "I have been probing philosophyforum.com for three days. I think a solution for the world hunger problem is now in reach."
2. "In case you are probing us, I must tell you that your scrotum is yet rather tiny. May the battle begin."
by paniq February 23, 2005

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