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The term probee is used as a slang term for a newbie, rookie, novice or newcommer, and can be used to describe somebodies inexperienced in any profession or activity. It can have derogatory connotations, but is also often used for descriptive purposes only, without a value judgment.
The senior agent calls the rookie or new agent probee.
by Bryan Michaels February 18, 2011
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An aspiring member of any exclusive group, most commonly, a motorcycle club such as the Outlaws, Hell's Angels, etc. Must go through a time period of extensive verbal abuse, and must do menial tasks as everyone else did at one point to be accepted.
Did you hear what Probee just said? Apparently he's "busy" washing dishes and I'll have to get my own beer..."PROBEE! RECITE THE TOP THREE LINES OF THE BUDWEISER CAN TO THESE NICE PEOPLE OVER HERE, OR FACE SEVERAL HOURS OF CAN CLEAN UP"
by 7h47 9u`/ July 13, 2011

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