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verb: to purerave
i was pring last night till 5am with a pregnant kansas girl
by 1an September 19, 2006
(verb) A form of vertical movement, closely associated with trampolining & cheerleading (not gymnastics). Pring describes a conscious, bigger effort to jump, throw or move a body vertically upwards whilst performing a skill. A sort of cross between 'spring' and 'ping' !
"You don't have enough height or power. You need to 'pring' it up on take-off !"
by MikulAbbott April 04, 2009
when you sit down and your asshole touches a surface and leaves a ring of poo on that surface.
Ned from the nudist colony kept leaving P-rings everywhere.
by fartknocker_buttmunch May 12, 2011
verb. to turn something into a pringle shape
dude, that surfboard looks a little odd-shaped" "yeah man, i pringed it
by Beth&Ollie June 24, 2010
Professionals that are frictionally unemployed at all the local coffee shops updating their social media, twitter, MyFace, LinkedIn and other profiles in order to look busy and not go insane.
The line of Prings was out the door.
by Pfelgin Negnar January 17, 2012
1. a monkey ass clown. derived from a word by the roti crew.

2. an undesirable person
3. usually pretty dumb and havin no friends i.e a loser
Buddy you're such a pring! You Loser!
by Reuben (Roti Crew) Mann August 02, 2005
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