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(verb) A form of vertical movement, closely associated with trampolining & cheerleading (not gymnastics). Pring describes a conscious, bigger effort to jump, throw or move a body vertically upwards whilst performing a skill. A sort of cross between 'spring' and 'ping' !
"You don't have enough height or power. You need to 'pring' it up on take-off !"
by MikulAbbott April 04, 2009
(adjective) Describes something that was both brilliant and exciting. Similar to fantastic, but with more emotion.
(at a fun fair having just come off the most exciting ride EVER !);
"Wow !!! That ride was FASTASKIT !"
by MikulAbbott April 05, 2009
A person who learns by doing things wrong - even though they've been told both what not to do AND how to do it right !
Coach: "Whatever you do, slow down before you hit the wall, otherwise you won't make the turn !"

Nurkle: (hits wall after continuing at same speed) "Ouch !"

Coach: "You nurkle ! Try again, but slow down before you hit the wall this time !"

Nurkle: (hits wall again) "Ouuuuch !"

Coach: "You NURKLE !!!"

Nurkle: (makes the turn having slowed down & has look of realisation on face) "Aaaah ! Now I get it !"

Coach: "Nurkle !"
by MikulAbbott April 05, 2009
(adj) Description of something that someone has done, or made (usually a movement or skill) which is completed, but looks odd ..... but they do it !
"Well ... you did it, but it looked sort-of .... 'er ...... winkerty !"
by MikulAbbott April 05, 2009
A native of New Zealand
"Ah, the Haka ! That means the New Zealians are back in town !"
by MikulAbbott April 05, 2009
(n) the sound made by the first piece of a two piece poo as it hits the toilet water, immediately followed by the sound 'plop' as the 2nd piece hits the water. Often results in a bit of toilet water shooting up your bum-hole because it hasn't had enough time to close up after the 2nd piece of poo fell out. Can have its benefits as it can have the same effect as using a bidet ...... of course this actually depends on where the event actually happens during the process of your poo !
No example necessary - the description of plip speaks for itself !
by MikulAbbott April 05, 2009

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