Spanish: The spanish word for cousin.
Someone of no relation who
maintains close friendship
with his/her friend.
Tiger's my primo, I can say somthin', I can say somthin'
by deebo May 07, 2004
A joint or blunt containing and a sprinkling of cocaine.
Don't you wanna smoke a primo?
by Angela Lines December 16, 2003
1. (noun) A joint or blunt containing both marijuana and cocaine.
2. (adjective) To be of exceptional quality.
3. (noun) Spanish for cousin.
1. "I would roll a primo, but I don't want to waste any of my coke."
2. "The new paint job on my car is primo."
3. "My mother's brother's daughter is my primo"
by bezadllal November 30, 2006
In spanish this literally means cousin. However can also be used to desribe a close friend.
Yo me and Ray we like family man. That's my primo right there.
by rick rude November 09, 2005
a marijuana cigarette with coke in it
by chubaaca October 30, 2002
amazing, kick ass, pimp
"That shot was fucking primo!"
by Snoosy January 18, 2003
Primo (Arabic:بريمو). A word that Taha & Iyad the amazing cousins call each other. it is a word that only cool people can use to call one another. Primo is derived from the Spanish word;Primo. Meaning "Cousin". it is also widely used in Egypt as a word to describe a rather "Awesome" guy, as mentioned by the Lebanese Singer "Nancy Ajram": "Byya'a & Shater & Primo/Brimo".

This definition was written to answer a question that was asked a guy named Karam.
Taha: Hiiiiii Primo!!!
Iyad: lak ahleeen Primo!!!!!!
Taha: we are awesome!
Iyad: yes we are!
Taha: that's why we are the Primos!!
Karam: I seeeee! :D
by Primo_T June 15, 2013

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