A ignorant Prude. A Prudish Nigger. Someone who is not only uptight about things, but bases them off of ignorant reasons.
I hate nudity because it is bad!

Lighten up You stupid prigger!
by DIAR September 28, 2006
Top Definition
One who acts as a whigger while at the same time resmbling a prep. The individual may wear preppy clothing while acting as a whigger in his speech and actions
Yo check that white boy gettin his prep on but tryin to get his black on at tha same time
by Ass Machine Weed December 08, 2003
Literally means Thief. Old slang for the police - Prigger Nappers, which meant Thief Catchers.
Lets go, its the prigger nappers.
by Prigger Napper March 28, 2008
An impregnated African American.
Person 1: Hey man, did you see that prigger?
Person 2: Yeah, that's her second child and she's only 15!
by totallyyyyynotaracist January 14, 2010
A dumb pollack trying to be ghetto!
Yo, look it Larry, what a PRIGGER!
by jj June 15, 2004
a racist slang word that is short for Prairie nigger... hence shortened down to prigger

anybody of native american decent
c'mon, d'you really need an example for this word?
by scubes October 26, 2004
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