1) A profession that has come to be associated with acts of sodomy and depravity towards children, as evidenced by the overwhelming spread of child molestation crimes among the Catholic church. While many priests can be rightfully condemned for being homosexual, hypocritical paedophiles, the remaining population of clergy members who're actually upright, honest and chaste (and find butt-fucking little boys at the altar as equally repugnant as any sensible human being would), are often overlooked in light of the gay, depraved shits who've destroyed the church's image simply because they couldn't handle a demanding life of celibacy and control their own sick desires at once.

2) The casual way of referring to "Judas Priest", one of the greatest heavy metal bands to have ever thundered onto stage, and are responsible for perfecting the genre after Black Sabbath laid the blueprints for heavy metal. Judas Priest is called "priest" the same way as metalheads refer to Black Sabbath as simply "Sabbath" and Iron Maiden as "Maiden"; other metalheads will instantly know what you're talking about, while outsiders might go "Huh? You went and saw Priest? Where? What church? Why?"
1) "He loves the boys in the choir,
They keep their souls pure.
But the tenor worries him...
So he must be the closest to him.
On his nightstand, quiet and wordless,
A picture of the Lord...
He slowly turns it around.
When the church clock strikes twice,
He folds his hands for prayer.
He has remained without a wife,
So he must love his neighbour."
~ Translated lyrics for Rammstein's song "Hallelujah"

2) Metalhead #1: "Hey man, did you get Priest's latest album, "Angel of Retribution"?
Metalhead #2: "You bet, man. It kicks ass."
Metalhead #1: "It's Priest. Of course they kick ass."
by Alhadis January 24, 2006
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Any mid ranking clergy members of the Catholic Church. Has the power to forgive sins and consecrate the Eucharist. A man who has devoted himself to celibacy, obedience, and chastisty. Has a cool collar.
Dumb kids might mistake Trigun's Nicholas D. Wolfwood for an actual priest.
by nikkan_hanil July 29, 2004
1. A healing class that is the most effective healer in the World of Warcraftwho can mind control, give fort(stamina) buffs, shadow ward, shackle extra undead mobs during raids, and have massive mana pools to keep the raid alive.
2. The class in the World of Warcraft that takes the most blame if the Main Tank or Off-Tank dies.
1. Priests have mana pools in the then thousands with better gear.
2. Could I get a fort buff from a priest when they have time?
3. Stupid noob, now we need our priest to shackle that extra undead mob.
by Trueblonde October 03, 2006
A man of God.
Priests arn't only part of the Catholic Church. Eastern and Oriental Orthodox priests exist as well.
Ignorant person: All priests are Catholic and are filthy pedophiles
Semi-educated person: No, not all of them are pedophiles, less than 0.1%.
Educated person: Your right, not all are pedophiles, also priests arn't exclusive to the Roman Catholic church. Both the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christians have priests.
by have faith September 08, 2008
Someone who, in light of recent events has been looked upon as a kiddie molester when in fact that is just a bunch of shit spread by powerful media. The fact is that INCIDENTS OF CHILD MOLESTATION HAPPEN MORE IN OTHER CHURCHES!!!!!!!! It's true, Protestant, Presbytarian, Lutheran, and yes even Mormon religious leaders have been found to do it a ton more than any Catholic priest, but the media has made it look like it happens every day in the Catholic church just because it has more political pull in the world. If you believe that all Catholic priests are pedophiles then you are an ignorant dumbfuck that shouldn't believe everything that you see on South Park
Lutheran:Yep all Catholic priests are pedophiles it,s been proven by the media.

Catholic: are you a fucking idiot or what it happens more in the lutheran church than in the catholic church.

Lutheran: no lutherans don't do that.

Catholic: Oh yeah, then that's why there are twice as many police reports for other churches than the Catholic church?

Lutheran: uuuhh but I thought it only happened in the catholic church.

Catholic: nope that's just what the media makes it seem like.
by superninjapenguin February 25, 2007
1)A man of God who is supposed to look out for the spiritual well being of those who share his faith and offer comfort to old people who like that sort of thing.

2)A class in WOW that runs away every time you get within 30 feet of them.
Guy- Catholic priests are child molesters.
Guy2- Not that priest in the Exorcist. He molested satan with the power of christ and saved a kid, hes a fucking legend.

Guy- Ive got a level 70 priest =)
Guy- come back here so i can stab you!
by glackin October 21, 2007
1. The main healing players in World of Warcraft.
2. Better then Paladins and Druids.
3. A class that uses mind control to take over another alliance character, or one from the horde side and uses it to make them plummit to their doom in Blackrock Mt.
1. If the stupid priests could heal we would of had that fight.
2. OMG another Halo of Transcendence for the priests! Where is the Nemesis Skullcap?
3. We need a priest to shackle all these undead...
4. /w (name) can I get a 30min fort when you have time?
by Trueblonde/Aggramar October 03, 2006
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