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the area code for south orange county, one of the richest places in the country. also, its in a huge bubble and life outside it is "gay" (btw i live here so i have the right to make fun of it)
I live in the 949 and I love listening to music about pain such as My Chemical Romance and watching shows for 12 yr old girls such as The OC.

Dont you just love the dirty polluted 949 beaches?
by annonymous February 14, 2005
The area code for southern Orange County, California. The most amazing place to live ever, usually made fun of by people that claim they live there, but actually live in some random place in the middle of nowhere. Many people outside of this area assume that everyone there is rich and spoiled, which shows how stupid they are, or that there is a lot of bro kids and kids that listen to emo music there, when there isn't.
Outsider: Wow the 949 sucks

949'er: oh hey, it 70 degrees here, is the weather there good too?

outsider: ya it's about -20
#949 #bro #emo #orange #county #california #paradise
by 949949949 April 10, 2009
The most ridiculously rich city in Orange County. Including Coto (homes to the "real house wives of orange county"), Trabuco Canyon, beach front homes, and other gated communities. Parties are insane due to huge houses and rich parents. If you go to the grocery store you will see Mercedez, BMWs, and Lexus' in the parking lot one after another. Every girl has one of the following: juicy braclet/track suit, Dooney and Burke purse, Louis Vuitton purse, Juicy purse, True Religion/7 all mankind jeans, designer sunglasses, an iphone/sidekick, and of course a car for her 16th birthday. Size 3 is considered overweight. Tanning salons are always busy. Everyone, and i means everyone smokes weed. iF you don't, then you have at least TRIED IT a few times. Spoiled rotton teenagers and rich parents= one shallow town.
"Hey i'm going down to visit So cal this summer"
"woa! just stay away from the 949, they are all shallow robots"
"Dude, i hooked up with a girl from the 949"
"Damn she must have been hottt!"
"yahh but so fake, i would never date that!"
#949 #so cal #deep south #mission viejo #shallow
by i live in the OC May 18, 2008
area code in orange county, ca. refers to the "deep south" oc..middle class, tract homes, the most suburbinan suburb ever.
"she listens to blink 182 ans wears roxy 949"
by shellzeee June 07, 2004
The good old 949 Orange County, the area is beautiful by the beach but it doesn’t justify how fake the people are. You can’t trust anyone there and most of them do cocaine and other heavy drugs. The people there live off of mommy and daddy and don’t know how to work for what they want. They are spoiled and have a hard time appreciating life for what it really is.
If you live in the 949 or like the finer things in life, you are very spoiled and shallow and don’t really care for other people...
#shallow #spoiled #self center #immature #unintellectual
by Anonymouusss February 27, 2008
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