An idiot who has not progressed to full "retardation". A person who acts stupid but has the capacity to be normal and sane. Almost on the verge of being incapable of running your own life.
Jerry was such a pretard at the game; he wouldn't stop bothering Claire the whole time, asking her inappropriate questions and flashing vulgar hand gestures.
by J. Walt February 11, 2007
Top Definition
A young retard or tard

Someone destined to be stupid due to the stupidity of one or both parents
Rachel, you are a pretard

Their child will be pretarded
by Pretard King December 30, 2003
a person who enjoys the hackery spewed out by Kevin J Anderson (The Hack) and Brian Herbert (the Other Guy).
"What, he likes McDune? what a pretard!"
by Baraka Bryan November 27, 2008
A person who pre-drinks before heading out to a bar, but consumes so much that when it comes time to go, they're too wasted to be allowed into the bar.
Damn, Bob, you drank way too much. There's no way they'll let a pre-tard like you into the bar.
by Dr. Patchbeard May 01, 2011
A person who is both pretentious and retarded.
e.g. That Alton Brown dude on Iron Chef is such a pretard.
by Dr.Turtle August 16, 2011
noun: preteen retard

A stupid kid, ages 9-12 on xbox live or any other online gaming service. They swear a lot but don't know what the word they just said means 85% percent of the time. They scream like hell, think they are cool when really they are just douche bags. They NEVER shut up, especially in the halo pre and post games, during that time they are annoying as hell unless your a troll.

Believe it or not, i actually partied up with this one pretard who didn't even know how to boot me off his party.
(at pre-game)
pretard: HELLO FUCKERS WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!
regular gamer: hello
troll: do you even know what fuck means you little pretard
gamer: tehee xD
pretard: YEA, YOUR MOM!

troll: *lolz* but what does fuck mean in the dictionary
pretard: *shuts up but starts screaming again later*
*during game*
pretard bertays everyone and the troll betrays him just to piss him off back
by MasterMeerkat November 28, 2009
The yellowish liquid that preceeds the actual mustard when dispensing from a plastic squeeze bottle.
Jon forgot to shake the mustard bottle and the pretard caused his sandwich to become overly soggy.
by josh glaser January 07, 2009
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