(n) 1. One who is too stupid to be a retard. 2. One who will require a net gain in intelligence to be considered merely retarded.
I told my brother the pretard that he could borrow my car last night, if he'd put some gas in it. He put in just enough to get home, so now it's sitting in the driveway and out of gas.
by Blue Hornet November 27, 2005
it's that state of being RIGHT before you go full retard.....
While he was watching the ball game, little did George know that he was pre-tarded. He only realized AFTER he was hit in the head with the ball that things would never be the same.......
by quills 1313 August 09, 2013
Someone who is so dumb that they are in high school, yet still in pre-algebra
Brah, he is still in pre algebra. What a pretard!
by Trebly12 February 11, 2013
the moment before one becomes a retard
dude #1- "why is johnny talking to that chick? everyone knows she has the clap"
dude #2- "yeah hes being a total pretard"
by chompy terwilliger July 17, 2010
A person who is so incredibly stupid that they aren't even a full retard. Also describes someone who is very stupid and on their way to becoming a full fledged retard.
Joan - Steve is a "pretard".
Jim - A pretard?
Joan - Yeah, he's so stupid he's not even a retard.
by awsomedmd September 28, 2006
1. Just short of being completely retarded. Not to the drooling and Foam helmet point, but pretty damned close.
Anyone calling himself slick is a pretard.
by Dr. John Smarts July 12, 2005
Opposite of a physically retarded person. Seems older than he is.
- This guy looks pretty old.
- Yeah, but he's only 20. He's a pretard.
by gymschadau May 03, 2010

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