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to give a presentation or performance. Often used as an enhancement to the word "present"
Beyonce was presentated with the award for Video of the Year at the VMAs.
by trogdor0086 September 20, 2009
19 8
to present, according to Heather.
Heather: "god, i really don't want to presentate in english today."
by baketucci April 25, 2011
6 4
When one projects an image of unbelievable dedication to their fucking job.
BH said to me "You must presentate an image of cock-sucking and faggotry in order to advance in this world!"
by The Presentater December 18, 2009
9 9
The process of presenting, used formally in the process of presenting.
Those students presentated their projects.
by Dr. Lobato February 16, 2005
32 35