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to present, according to Heather.
Heather: "god, i really don't want to presentate in english today."
by baketucci April 25, 2011
Heather always knows what she is trying to say but can never say it, she is very bad in English class because she thinks words like "presentate" are actual words. She is very pretty and thinks her head is too big even though it looks perfectly normal. Has wonderful natural hair texture. Always gets food on herself when she eats and holds her boobs when she laughs but claims that she does not do either. likes to piss off Terry Weaver and created the term FTF. She is very outspoken (but can also be shy) and does not care what authority thinks of her. very hard to describe if you do not know heather. enjoys using urban dictionary terms. pretty much has the house that the gang hangs out at.
Heather: "We have no idea what we are about to instore."
by baketucci April 25, 2011

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