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An annoying kid in high school, usually a freshman, that still hasn't hit puberty yet. Characteristics include a light voice, no girlfriend, a lot of hair (on the head I mean), and a very immature personality.
If this prepube doesn't get away from me, he's gonna have a bunch of fist marks on his face.
by spel itt rite February 18, 2007
A derogatory term commonly used by the online gaming community against Pre-Pubescent males who own a microphone but have not yet had their voices broken yet.

A "Pre-Pube" will often be characterised by his squeaky voice, often considered an annoyance during online gaming.

In some rare cases, a matured woman may be confused with a "Pre-Pube" due to their contrastingly higher voices to other male players.
A: *Squeaky Voice* Hello guys! I am new to this game, will you show me how to play?
B: God, who let the Pre-Pube join this game? Piss Off!
by Roger_5000 October 29, 2012
A child, younger than a teenager, usually female but can be male. Derogatory.
Oh, no! It's only 6:00 AM and already there's a prepube going to school on this bus! Now I have to stand and hear her screaming for a whole hour!
by pentozali October 18, 2006