A person who rarely, if ever, makes wild assumptions based on inaccurate B movie depictions (usually involving William Zabka) and can spell challenging words such as "Abercrombie" and "arrogant," but never wears one and never subscribes to the other.
Presumptuous Ignoramus: You are wearing abercrombi so you are arrogint.

To which our Preppy responds: Actually, it's L.L. Bean, and I wouldn't just assume you dropped out of middle school because of your spelling.
by Learned Gentleman May 12, 2006
Although there are numerous definitions of "preps" from America, i would like to subject people to the English preps. Like their international counterparts, the English Preps often come from Old-money backgrounds. Some may live on larger farms, or have extensive estates, they may indeed live in manor houses. they are less conservative than the description of the americans, and often like to do sports such as lacrosse, polo, tennis etc. before the Ban, many preps would also enjoy hunting.
"oh suzie has such class"
"Well yes, she is rather preppy"
by Gorgeous trumps everything May 03, 2006
Preppy- Preppy people are people that DO NOT shop at a&f or american eagle.
To find out if somebody is a true prep they must have these qualities-
1. They are old money
2. live in places such as nyc,palm beach,virginia,kentucky,pennsylvania,mass., and conneticut and some rich areas of texas.
3. summer- on the coast of maine,fishers island, or any foreign country...the hamptons, cape cod and nantucket have become too new money and are no longer prep.
4.preps wear gucci loafers,barbour jackets,wear pearls, tiffanys jewelry,wear ribbon belts, rainbow flip flops or any flip flops,wear lacoste or lilly, rl polo has become too cheap, wear j-crew pants, rl cable knit sweaters,ribbons in their hair,not veyr much makeup,jack rogers shoes, and wear sevens or citizens jeans.
5. preps do not go to malls and if they do the only place they hit is saks, neimans or nords (those are last resort) and always hit bendels and bergs and c-orrico
6.preps ALWAYS attend boarding schools such at foxcroft,deerfield,miss porters,middlesex,taft,hotchkiss,episcopal,kent, or saint pauls.
7. preps always are from a long line of preps that have race horses that run in the kentucky derby etc.
8. preps also play sports such as lacrosse,field hockey,golf,tennis,polo, and they ride.
9. preps are always nice people.
Foxcroft is so prep.
by Helen October 10, 2004
Preps are those who are refined and sophisticated individuals. They are usually well-off, but their money comes from a long line of wealth. All preps are considered "old money;" their grandparents attended college. They may not be extremely wealthy, but their family/relatives are refined and come from a long line a "blue blood." Lacoste, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Jcrew, LL Bean, and Brooks Brothers are the only brands worn by true preps (with few exceptions: including rainbow sandals). Preps in the south tend to go to small private colleges or universities such as UVa or Wake Forest. Preps often belong to the local country club, drive nice cars (but aren't "showy" with their wealth, everyone already knows; they have no need to talk about money constantly). Most preps are extremely intelligent and most are athletic. They play sports such as tennis, golf, racquetball, and squash; country club sports. They DO NOT listen to rap nor do they "fix" up their cars. A true prep drives a BMW, Jaguar, Volvo, Mercedes, or Porsche, and blasts Dave Matthews or OAR. Preps are somewhat snobby and are usually friends with other preps, but it's natural for preps to surround themselves with people of similar standing. Preps attend numerous "black tie events" and often go to colleges where suits are worn to all football games. So when you see a fake prep decked in Abercrombie and Fitch and in their "suped-up" cars politely laugh under your breath.
"Hurry up Bradford! We're going to be late for the DMB concert! I'll be waiting in the BMW!"
by Prep4life August 02, 2004
A preppy girl is not always the one who wears hideous amounts of pink and green. True those are our signature colors but there is a lot more. Preppy girls are NOT the mean snobs, those are the wannabe preppies. Us true preppies spend our summers on Martha's Vineyard (etc.) and attend prep schools like GDA and Noble & Greenough. We are not the ones that wear slutty clothes from Abercrombie although we may wear a few pink and green things from there. We are the nice kids who tend to do very well in school but have fun while doing so. Our children will eventually be preppy too. To be preppy you have to be NICE!!
Ally looked preppy in her pink lacoste shirt (with collar up) and cuffed chinos from Brooks Brothers.
by Meg June 16, 2004
A true "Preppy" is an individual that has or had the privilege of attending a private or preparatory high school in preparation for college. Examples of prep schools on the east cost include Exeter and Handover and on the west coast include Harvard-Westlake, Flintridge Prep, and Poly Pasadena. Those that are not currently attending a prep/private school or are not alumni/alumnae of a prep/private school and just try to dress the part are by most definitions a wannabe.
Now he is a true preppy.
by TheSeven July 28, 2011
A prep is someone who doesn't need to tell people that they are a prep people just assume. Preps wear nice clothes usualy consisting of polo, lily pulitzer, lacoste, j crew, ect. They are the people everyone wants to be. Always composed and looking fresh. Never wearing loads of make-up but still looking good. We all have a collection of purses including at least 5 of any of these: a coach, dooney and burke, or a vera bradley. Our collars are always flipped and never have a crease.

Girls: a daily outfit; polo shirt with collar popped and a plaid mini and eliza b flip flops, not to mention tiffany jewlrey

Guys: a daily outfit; polo shirt with collar popped and plaid shorts with birkenstoks

Preps Never:
1. wear trashy clothes
2. show too much clevage
3. except an engagment ring that doesn't come in a turquoise box
4. go anywhere without a ribbon handy

Classic Prep: always summering in the hamptons or the vinyard. Plays golf, lacrosse, field hockey, or soccer.

The New Prep: summering wherever they want but always end up having a good time. Shop at all the cutest stores but only but what is concidered preppy. Play field hockey, lacrosse or soccer ; but the occasional golfer.
There that preppy girl goes with her collar flipped up and her adorable lacrosse boyfriend
by Urban Dictionary May 17, 2004

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