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An all-girls super catholic school located in Mclean, Virginia. A bunch of Holy, jesus worshiping, freaks despite a few hot ones. Most of the girls are prude, virgins who dont do anything. The girls who break away and party are super hard core and get started on drugs and alcohol pretty young. The sports kick ass as do the academics but oakcrest is still a wannabe visitation or holy child. Sister school to the worst school of all time, the Heights.
Gonzaga guy#1: whose that skank dancing on the table over there?
Gonzaga guy #2: some hot, holy chick from oakcrest..shes a freshman.
Gonzaga guy #1: Oh.. figures.
by prvt November 07, 2009
the best middle school in the world and beats digeno on the scale of amazingness and everyone needs to transfer
WHere do you go?

Oak Crest

Oh lucky, i go to digeno


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