Preppy is NOT about being a cheerleader who is very snobby. to be a prep you need to live on the northern east coast (no, preps are not from california). preps play sports but do not have to be athletic. these sports include tennis, golf, polo, horseback riding, sailing, lacrosse, baseball... etc. there is a huge controversy over the fashions that preppy people wear. preps do not wear revealing or tight clothing. polo shirt, capris, sweater sets, ribbons in the hair, ribbon belts,knee socks,and loafers are common preppy clothing styles. brands such as lily, lacoste, ralph lauren, and birkenstock are common. stores like a&f and american eagle are preppy too, but some clothes from these stores are too revealing or tight to be considered preppy. the most important thing to know is that preps are classy, put togther, and natural looking.
Pearls and a polo with a popped collar look very nice with capris.
by Rachel April 01, 2005
Prep is as many of the people here have already said - classic, conservative, WASPy, tasteful, etc. What bothers me is the misconception that being "preppy" means being a snob. Snobs, by and large, are insecure middle class pricks. A real prep is confident enough in him/herself that he/she doesn't need to put others down for no reason. Preps are secure in who they are; they don't need flashy brand names to give them their self worth.
On a side note - Someone who is White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant is not necessarily a WASP; George Bush is a WASP, for example, while Bill Clinton is not.
A real prep wouldn't waste his time hanging with a snob.
by Chip November 26, 2004
A true prep can very easily tell the difference between a real prep, and fake one. Most true preps attend private school, or at least have multiple family members that did. Most preppies come from WASP families. Don't think that just because you shop at J. Crew that you can be preppy. It's a lifestyle.
Preppies do tend to shop at L.L. Bean, Lands End, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, and more. Preppies buy into these stores because of the better quality and appearance. Some common preppy shoes are top-siders (the classic sperry's), penny loafers, L.L. Bean boots, ribbon flip-flops, and others.
Preppies tend to vacation on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and in Maine. They go there every summer and probably have houses there. Preppies usually don't say the full name of such places. For example they will say they are going to "Newport", "Edgartown", or even "I'm flying into ACK". Preppies love the outdoors and playing preppy sports, like lacrosse.

Preppies DO NOT:
- wear over-revealing or skin tight clothing
- pop their collars (this is debated but if you really are a TRUE prep, it is fine to pop your collar but for any semi-preps or fake preps you seem to be trying too hard and end up looking like a douche.)
- Wear an excessive amount of make-up ("less is more")
- Vacation at places like the Jersey Shore
- Talk about being preppy.
True Preppy: Hey, I like your nantucket reds and top-siders.
Fake Preppy: What are nantucket reds? And do you mean my sperry's?
True Prep: Nantucket reds are your red shorts. So you told me you sail- where is your yacht club? I have a couple friends at EYC.
Fake Prep- Oh my club's on the jersey shore. Where is EYC?
True Prep- It's the Edgartown Yacht Club.
Fake Prep- Oh. I knew that. Are you in boarding school?
True Prep- Yeah, I'm at Deerfield. How about you?
Fake Prep- No I'm in public school.
True Prep- Oh but both your parents went to private school right?
Fake Prep- No. (A semi-prep would say yes)
True Prep-Well I got to go to lax practice, see you around
by ellie12 May 02, 2011
A prep is someone who lives in new england, summers in nantucket, martha's vineyard or block island, and usually goes to a private school. preps come from old money, generally their families are old time new england families. preps go to colleges like wesleyan, swarthmore, harvard, bowdoin, risd, wellesly, and other colleges of the type. they wear j.crew, have a northface ski jacket with lift tickets attatched, carry a nalgene with them everywhere, and dont wear a whole lot of makeup. they consider themselves to be liberals, but tend to be more on the conservative end of liberalism.
they wont admit they are rich, but they are-they just arent showy with their money, and will buy a jetta over a porsche or a crv over an escalade. generally, they go for quality, not size/showyness.
person 1: you look so new england prep today
person 2: yeah i didnt feel like hiding it today
by K.A. August 01, 2005
I agree with most of the definitions. Preps always have to have there collars popped, they need to wear brands such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren polo, Lilly, Brooks Brother, etc….. But the one thing I disagree with is that all preps live in New England. I live in Michigan, but I use to live in Connecticut, and I go to a prep school and I wear all of the brands listed above and I’m very preppy, so not all preps live in New England.
Look at that really preppy girl who dosnt live in New England.
by Lacoste chick May 01, 2005
most of the people on this site truly have no idea what preppy is. preppy is a way of life, a style, a feeling. it is NOT Abercrombie and Fitch or AE. Not classy enough.
Westfield, New Jersey
by sara March 11, 2005
This word found its start with the term "Prep School", or preperatory school, which is an elite high school where teenagers live in dormitories on campus. (i.e. Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts - shout out to all my girls at PA!!!) Since these schools are populated by a particular class of people, with a particular style, the adjective PREPPY emerged.
'Preppy' can refer to members of a certain social class, but can also be more generally used as description of personal style.
In terms of style, the stereotype is a mixture of pink-and-green. Pants are typically khakis, Nantucket Reds, and, for men, often khaki-cotton-material in bright neon colors such as pink and lime green. The epitome of preppy pants are the latter, decorated by a pattern of sewn-in whales of a darker contrasting shade. Classic button-down shirts, usually solid or striped, are common, as well as solid and striped polos. The collars of the polo shirts are always "popped", or turned up instead of folded over. Often, polos of different colors are layered, the one on the bottom matching the skirt/pants, the belt, or the headband. Flip-flops are the coup de grace, no matter what the weather. However, when our toes are absolutely freezing off, we wear Uggs, with the tops folded over to expose the fur and our jeans tucked in. We wear v-neck cable-knits and argyles over button-downs. North Face jackets are a must. Pearls are best for jewelry. Excess hair products, jewelry, and make-up is frowned upon. Accessories include Nalgene bottles and tote bags.
In terms of the lifestyle, "preps", or preppy people, typically live in the New England area. They usually belong to Yacht Clubs, Beach Clubs, or Country Clubs, depending on which crowd they run with (i.e. The Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts). Their children go to private elementary and middle schools, and are attended by foreign female au pairs, to keep them out of their parents' way until they can be shipped off to boarding school (not that we mind much). They dress in preppy clothes (see above), and spend much of their time shopping to find them. The Jewish kids among them throw fabulous bar mitzvahs during middle school, and if the WASPs and Catholic kids get jealous, we throw even more fabulous Sweet Sixteens, which are similar to bar mitzvahs escept with less religion and more liquor. We all know each other. All of us. I know, it's hard to believe, but somehow we are all intermarried, or at least have some mutual friends. The women are either housewives on committees and boards and things, or they are incredibly successful professionals, like partners in a law firm or the head neurosurgeon at a hospital. The fathers make lots of money, and are always gone on business, and play lots of golf. Acceptable sports are lacrosse, soccer, crew, polo, and sometimes water polo. We are either radically liberal (like my family) or radically conservative, but we don't discuss politics unless everyone in the room is on the same side. We will all get into an Ivy League school. This is a necessity. We summer on the Cape, or the Hamptons, or Nantucket. We spend March break in Atlantis and Cancun and other trendy resorts. Contrary to popular belief, not all preppy people are wealthy - but the more money you have, the easier it is to fulfill the lifestyle and to enjoy its benefits.
The taller girl snorted out a laugh, and her nose ring wobbled a little as her face settled into a derisive sneer. "Look," she said derisively, her voice deliberately too loud, "the preps are slumming it on our side of town." The group looked up at the sound of her voice, scowling back at her triumphant smile. They looked like they had just stepped out of a J. Crew catalog, but were beginning to get the distinct impression that they took a wrong turn and ended up in hell.
by PA gal February 12, 2005
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