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n. (bit.see)

1) A term, sometimes offensive, to describe somebody who is desperate for the ability to hit on people of the opposite sex
E.g. Tom tried to ask the girl at the bar out, but he was such a bitsy niplar that he failed
by Pseudo-nimph9 July 28, 2011
Sexy ass bitch with an Apple Bottom.
Everyone wants to be like Bitsy.
by Babigrl December 04, 2003
Generally used to describe a small amount or a little bit of something.

Can also be used to describe a thin or short person.
Gee your just bitsy aren't you?

How much spaghetti do you want?
Just a bitsy I'm not that hungry.
by acuteawareness June 20, 2010
noun An endearing term for the genitals of a lady. Commonly used in central England.
"My bitsy is quite itchy today''
by livie2k6 January 12, 2012
Mary Clare Riordan's idol and the coolest chica in the world!
Bitsy is my life!
by MC HOLLA December 08, 2003
A supplemental creature for the nameless zoroastrian goddess equipped with duck tales, woo and sinister high-pitched euphemisms for space hog rules
"I love that ONE song from Space Hog."

"Oh yeah."

"Where's Bitsy?"
by Ricky Gervais III February 19, 2010
A small amount of poop that clings to your ass. See klingons, cling-ons.
Man, that toilet paper in there is so rough. I had to leave a bitsy in my cheeks.
by El Stevio November 16, 2007

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