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A Prep is a person from the North Eastern area of the US and comes from old money. They receive the title because they attend preparatory schools, which contain a more rigorous academic curriculum than public schools and focus on giving students much freedom, while maintaining a strong sense of discipline in order to prepare them for college life. Their fashion sense is expensive, yet relatively conservative. They tend to have strong family values which help preserve the old money they come from. They also have a strong sense of community, which is why they belong to country clubs and project loyalty to their schools. They are seen as "corporate slaves" because most of them end up in a high-income corporate career. They are not narrow-minded, but are in fact open to a multitude of ideas, which aids their financial and entrepreneural sucess. Although they do spend a lot of their time in business, they tend to live by the motto "work hard and play hard". They use the money they make to indulge in travel and social athletics such as golf, which allows them to gain more knowledge on the world and others. It's paradoxical how many non-preps label them as narrow-minded, when in fact they are closed to the ideas of preps.
That prep is studying hard so one day he or she will be able to live comfortable and provide for future generations
by chwo March 30, 2006

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