do people forget what real preps are?i dont live in a society that is one big flaw lik ethe united states.real preps are epople like frasier.there is nothing wrong if you are rich and want to be more civilised than those people who would rather go pick up a ho and then get drunk.there is nothing wrong if you like all those clothing brands mentioned.if u like htose clothes its fine.if u lik emainstream music its fine.BUT the underground term for prep are those who,jsu becaus ethey have a higher status in any walk of life specially high school think they can get your crush hate you.and the preps who say that they are individuals let me say something these stereotypes are a more flawed version of nationalities.each have their own customs the basic core but not everyone is on the spot alike. i jsut went to the us recently and u have go tto understand ppl think preps like those displayed in movies are just exaggerated.when i went to the us i asked a prep for assistance and after the wa\y she lloked at me and talked to me i was laughin in her face.
sports team ember,sports shirts,prestigious clothing brands,popular,like parties=not preps

preps=all of the above +making ppls social life a misery,think they have the right to judge things like movies music and people.
Someone that comes here to talk about how they don't wear Abercrombie, don't wear Hollister, live on the east coast, go to good colleges, and don't live in big houses (though they are rich?), and basically talk good about themselves because they are self-centered and insecure and stuck up little brats that have no life except to come online and type a million page definition on 'their kind'.
Person 1: Wow, look at this definition that this prep wrote about herself!
Person 2: Wow, she is such an annoying little bitch with no life, huh?
by GLOMPING FANGIRL. March 29, 2009
For many, it's the conformist 13 year old who loves pink and has had eight cell phones already with a low brain-cell count.

To truly put it, a prep is a person who is attending or has attended a prepratory high school (which is usually Catholic or in some other form religious), and has moved on or plans to move on to an Ivy League or other prestigious college; in recent times, preps have favored more sporty colleges in the Midwest than prestigious ones. Their family lineage is generally in establishing business(es), banking, has had a hand in city-founding, or is a political official.

Sports are extremely important to most preps, and often are accepted to colleges on athletic scholarships. Tennis, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, swimming, and soccer are popular sporting choices for most prep students. Schooling is very important, seeing as a general minimum of $10,000 per year is put into a prep school for one student. As for college, it is extremely rare to find a prep student planning to go to a community college.

On a last note, preps are notorious for wearing, on a normal day, sweatpants and t-shirts from school and eating more than most public school students and still maintaining their ideal body-type (perhaps the food is burned off in sports and excercise?). On weekends, events, and nights-out, prep girls are expert at dolling up in high fashion without looking unnatural, and the guys also know how to clean up if needed to be, also.

It is a common misconception that preps are self-centered and are oblivious to the world around them. In reality, a prep does not care about how other stereotypes view them, because it does not interfere with their social and educational lives. Much of a student's money is donated to fundraisers while in school to organizations working for relief in many poor South African, South American, and Asian countries. Preps don't pay any mind to people who do not understand their classy lifestyle.
At the Mall:

13-year old brat: MOM. I need more like, jean skirts. Now. Don't make me call daddy!
Misled Person: Ew look at that prep.
Actual prep 1(obviously after a soccer practice): *Snorts*
Actual prep 2: Tell me about it.
by LindseyBaerski March 04, 2008
A prep is one of very higher middle class or high class. Usually attending private school or east coast boarding school living in some of the richest neighborhoods in the united states. Although those living in suburban areas think they are "preps" because they shop at aeropostale, abercrombie & fitch, espress, old navy and american eagle. Believe me true preps don't shop there. Although they may own some clothing preps usually shop at polo, lily pullitzer, lacoste, j.crew, saks,nordstroms and so on, only those of higher classes would be able to afford such things. They wear pearls, ribbons, jewelery from tiffany's, plaid, designer purses. Traveling during the summer to nantucket, martha's vineyard...or around the world to different countries.Plays lacrosse, field hockey, crew team, tennis. And their parents pretty much make $250,000 + driving some of the most expensive cars around.

preps DONT wear aero, ae and a&f
it pisses me off when people think their preppy wearing it. your NOT preppy...get it through your heard, your just a POSER.
by REALprep June 15, 2006
Here are some misconsessions with age groups

Middle School kids.
You will rarely find a true prep between these ages. Well, at my school I never did. They thik that Abercrombie, Aeropostale, and Hollister are the true clothing stores for preps. They try and act ditzy so thats what they think what they should act. And, commounly use the word like and OMG! They dont like the classic style they go for What's hot and which one makes me look cute. So basically, if you are a tru prep and you in Middle School. Then, I say good luck for you.

High School.
This is where you'll find more true preps. There are fakes, but more because they might understand the concep a little more then middle school. There isn't as much too say about this group except a true prep:
a.)does not go to the mall stores
b.)uses a classy style not what's new and hot
c.)this is a iffy dont pop the collar
d.)aren't ditzy or bossy
e.)dont make fun of the other social groups
f.)never label themselves
fake prep-LIKE OMG!!! you should the HOLLISTER jeans their hot not old
real prep's response-HOLLISTER is place where true ladies never go
by okkk June 14, 2006
Preps aren't what everyone seems to think on this site, they arent the popular whores at every hs who wear reaveling outfits and shop at AF, hollister and those stores, being preppy(the adjective form) isnt about where you buy you clothes and what you wear, its about how you act and your overall lifestyle

they wear Basic Polos usually bright or classic colors, slacks(khakis, plaids, seersuckers), occaisionally jeans, in the summer cargo shorts and shorts similar to the pants they wear, ribbon belts, for shoes we wear birkenstocks, topsiders, penny loafers, and occaisionally classic type sneakers (ie old tennis shoe type sneakers) ou clothes are usually bought from J. Crew, Vinyard Vines, Lacoste, B.Bros, and if we must shop in any of the mall "trendy party prep" type stores we shop at AE which is the most classic and preppy of those (AF, HCO, Aero)

A prep is always courteuos, kind and respectful, they are the kind of people that grandparents and parents look at and say" hes a fine young man"

a preppy lifestle consists of living in a nice community and contrary to popular belief we dont always live in huge houses and you'll never find us living in homes labled as mcmansions, our homes always have archetectural value and are always tastefully and classicly decorated, in our garge you will typically find a car such and a volvo, vw, audi, bmw and occasionnaly another european made car, we participate un lifelong sports such as crew, golf, tennis, sailing, swimming, and sometimes lacrosse
and most importantly WE GO TO PREP SCHOOLS, day or boarding

What most people have to come to realize is that prep is a lifestyle enjoyed by a fortunate few of us it isnt a clothing style, it includes how we live, how we act and what we do
Older Prep 1: Look at that young man holding the door for that woman.
Older Prep 2: A fine young lad indeed, I wish my daughter would find a man like that
by Jules Fern April 27, 2006
A male or female who generally attends a private school or attended a private school as a child. Preps typically come from wealthy families, but are not flamboyant with their money. This term origininated in the Northeastern United States. Preps play tennis, golf, lacrosse and field hockey. Preps often attend country clubs and are well-mannered. Despite popular belief, true preps do NOT wear abercrombie, hollister, and american eagle, they wear Polo, lilly pulizter, lacoste and other such brands.
That prep over there in the lilly dress went to Hotchkiss for tennis and is on her way to Princeton. She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut but she vacations in Nantucket.
by elizabeth March 02, 2005
An intelligent, well-rounded person who wears classic brands like Polo, Lacoste, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, etc. They have pastimes such as tennis, sailing, skiing, lacrosse, rugby, horseback riding, and more. A true preppy visits the East Coast annually and has a house on Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. They meet other preppies at yacht clubs and country clubs. Preppies are seen almost anywhere, but generally cling to warmer climates. A real preppy is not rude, snobby or unwelcoming at all, they are just stereotyped because of their affluence, rather a true prep is generous and caring, and above all: the funnest type to meet. Preppies travel year-round, prefferably to Europe. England is a favourite, a home to the majority of preps in the world. A prep always has a dog as a faithful companion, especially: Spaniels, English Setters, Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, Nova Scotias, and others from the sporting group. The preppy house is elagantly decorated in a traditional manner. A preppy drives mainly a 2008 Jaguar for its classic looks. A preppy's wardrobe contains a wide assortment of polos, rugbys, embroidered pants and shorts, twill coats, and knit argyle sweaters. A prep's clothes a worn for decades, or until they fall apart. They love color, especially pink and green. Preppies are great people, and that is why I am one.
"I am going sailing today, would you care to join?
"Fancy that! I am in quite the mood for some sailing."
"Come to the dock half past two and we can embark on our trip. Bring along Molly, too."
"Great. I will see you then. A great preppy way to spend a Sunday."
by Islander on the Vineyard November 09, 2012

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