When a closeted homosexual is outed, either by themselves or by another individual, earlier than necessary, usually resulting in negative consequences
“This chick was totally DTF today, but I ruined it due to a severe case of premature evacuation…”
by Timothy Sann November 19, 2011
When you exit the elevator on the wrong floor because you weren't paying attention.
(While others watch, you get off the elevator and then come back in.)

You say: "Sorry, I suffer from premature evacuation."
by Barry Rinehart March 13, 2008
Attempting to leave an elevator at the wrong floor because you were't paying attention to the floor indicator.
Premature Evacuation: You attempt to get off an elevator, noticing that you're on the wrong floor.
by Diodeus January 09, 2013
Running for the door of your classroom as the clock ticks 1 minute too early for lunch.
We almost prematurely evactuated trig today. (Premature Evacuation)
by Dierks36 September 08, 2009
the feeling that results from leaving the toilet too fast when finished with crap
Premature evacuation
Dude: Shit man dont touch my butt. I just prematurely evacuated
Second Dude: Sorry man...i didnt know
by Kevinnnb April 06, 2008
1. leaving the bus or train accidentally before your stop
Oh crap, this is maple street, that was a total premature evacuation.
by jklima September 16, 2008
1. to piss yourself while running to the restroom, usu. after holding it for several hours.
We were stuck in traffic for hours, so when we got home I was running for the restroom when I had a premature evacuation right in my pants.
by Surly Steamroller October 24, 2007

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