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having diarrhea so much that you become really skinny and look look anorexic
I put some laxatives in that ho Maggie's drink and now it looks like she got diarexhia. SHIT!
by Kevinnnb April 06, 2008
being constipated for so long that nothing leaves your body and you become enormous-----
contipated + enormous = constinormity
After eating that crazy shit in Sweden i experienced constinormity for 2 weeks. All i wanna do is shit man.
by Kevinnnb April 06, 2008
the feeling that results from leaving the toilet too fast when finished with crap
Premature evacuation
Dude: Shit man dont touch my butt. I just prematurely evacuated
Second Dude: Sorry man...i didnt know
by Kevinnnb April 06, 2008

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