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A name given to someone who has shit on the floor, shit all over the toilet bowl, or shit there pants without owning up .
Loook at that sorry son of a bitch, old plops anonymous.. He shit all over the toilet bowl and when i asked if it was him he said "likkkke no way dude" Luckily i took a sample to the laboratory and found his genetic code written all over it.
by bennycnz July 07, 2010
A competition between guys to see who has the biggest dick.
Person 1 : I bet my shlong is far bigger than yours

Person 2 : Theres only 1 way to find out, lets have a dick-off
by Bennycnz March 30, 2010
When you think about going to the toilet and you shit your pants
Man that new toilet is comfortable, its got all the latest nobs and dials.... dear lord i think i just filled my barrel fronts with the devils fudge...DAMN you premature evacuation
by bennycnz June 20, 2010
The Vapour and/or peripheral splatterings of urine one indures at a crowded urinal
Hey dude whats with those weird yellow splotches on your flarred corderoys?

Oh shit, its pistacides from that airport urinal pissfest I had to indure....Fuck it
by bennycnz May 19, 2010
A hardon at the worst possible time
Oh no ive got to model these new Y-front jocks in 15 seconds but i got a rigid bob-robert in my barrel-fronts
by bennycnz April 02, 2010
When youve been watching too many Jean-Claude Van Damme movies and you cant help but get up and fire random martial arts moves at who evers watching.
Person 1 Hey look at that guy doing that weird dance...

person 2 Nah hes just been to Universal Soldiers , he's just being a Van-dick
by bennycnz March 30, 2010
When you drink too much alcahol or smoke too much weed and the room seems like its spinning
person 1: Dude im pretty sure youve got a problem, you were singing wham songs and jerking off in front of everyone last night, lay off the booze you drunk ass bitch.

Person 2: It wasn't the booze my gruesome old buddy, I seem to have been lured onto hells carousel by satan himself, damn that room was spinning round in circles like a retard
by bennycnz February 01, 2011

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