Top Definition
1. A brand of high quality shampoo.
2. The name a highly attractive cat.
1. I was washing my hair with Prell and I died from the fumes.
2. Prell likes biting people.
by Hawtyboggin March 17, 2007
A slang for the swedish tobacco product snus. A slang for snus most commonly used in Norway.
Hey man, got prell?

Halla, har du prell?
by Luv It September 09, 2010
Another Norwegian word for Snus( Tobaco you put under your upper lip).
"Har du prell?"

"You got prell?"
by Leif Erik/ Stian April 19, 2007
a vaginal fart, referenced in National Lampoon years ago
she let out a big ol' prell after I pulled out
by Woody Thomas January 04, 2006
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