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1. A brand of high quality shampoo.
2. The name a highly attractive cat.
1. I was washing my hair with Prell and I died from the fumes.
2. Prell likes biting people.
by Hawtyboggin March 17, 2007
Like nard, but a better spelling.
You suck total gnard.
by Hawtyboggin March 17, 2007
Like schlong, but spelled correctly.
Ishmael: Kay so, I have the hugest schlawng eva.

Ashley: Yeah me too.
by Hawtyboggin March 17, 2007
A vague and unknown body region that can be held by another person.
Yohannes: Can we hold hards now?

Ish: Sure, but you gotta help me find mine.
by Hawtyboggin April 08, 2007

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