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the blow job received before having sex
I got a pre-j from my girl friend right before we banged.
by Scotteeo February 02, 2012
See premature ejaculation. When you've got a pack of 2 minute noodles for your girlfriend, and you manage drop your load either in her or in your pants before they are done.
Pre J King: I totally destroyed that pussy in like, a minute bro!!!
Actual Player: Dude, that isn't something to be proud of...
by ThatCheesyTroll September 19, 2013
A DJ (often an electro DJ) who cheats by producing and organizing his live performances at home, so when he plays them at a show, it sounds like the music is mixed on the spot.
-"Yo, I thought that DJ had some killer sets tonight. He's got mad skills."

--"Nah man, that shit was whack yo. He's a total pre j"
by MilesG January 10, 2009
A blowjob prior to going out with a group of friends, usually after a few rounds of shots.
"We were in Matt's room and she took me upstairs for a little pre-j action."
by Sir Chodesworth February 16, 2012

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