The rare species that is often found taking meats(look up)in Winchester College loacted in Hampshire. He is hard to find but when found the rewards are great. Such 'reward' include giving rejection and spurning. (We love you Prawn - really!)
Chesney: Meats Prawn!
Spanky(Look up): Mates Prawn!
De Haes : You have no friends Prawn!
Donald: Ha ha, Prawn Banter!
Lim: Rejection Prawny!
by Edward 'Camp Tank' Chesney February 22, 2005
1. A shrimp.
2. A female with a good body but an ugly face. You would sleep with her, but her face is too ugly. Do the ^paperbag trick^ to these ^butther faces^.
1. "Let's go get some prawn's from Paddy's."
2. "Rip off her head and eat the pink bits inside, just like a prawn."
"I met a prawn last night...I took her home and by putting a brown paperbag over her head I was coming in minutes."
by Diego August 14, 2003
Prawn taken from the term pwn, which was taken from the word own.
Player scores a frag, you got prawned!
by codexxx May 04, 2006
to win victoriously and un-sympathetically
Jade: we prawned their asses real good
by Jerooo June 01, 2005
An older (over 40) woman or Filipino, Thai or Indonesian background who marries a caucasian man for love, money or citizenship in a different country.
Note that even when unmarried, they are still considered a prawn. This is mostly due to the wrinkling of the face in a specific way, as well as the partially nasal voice with accent when speaking english.
Rose Hancock-Porteous is probably the penultimate prawn, and I would give her credit for inspiring this definition in the first place.
by Darrkon April 23, 2006
A slang term for 'give', 'pass me' or 'hand me'.
Hey slut! Prawn me that pop can, I want to butt my cigarette in it.
by anonymous March 12, 2004
Slang for 'mary-jane' aka. johnny blaze, david blaine, product, skinny biatch,
Did you get the prawns?
by Steen November 11, 2004
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