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That actor that all the ladies love. He Can charm any woman, he can turn lesbians straight, and straigt men gay. His name is impossible to spell. I'm surprised you found this definition. He Plays the same role in every movie : Ladies Man. Except in Reign Of Fire. He was a badass in that movie.
Girl1: matthew mcconaughey Is so sexy!
Guy1: I know!
by Paddy O'Mally June 11, 2008
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an alcohlic drink containing cranberry juice, grey goose vodka and tonic. known to be the actor's favorite drink because he can drink tons of it and not get a beer gut.
what are you going to drink at the Marshall tailgate? Probably a bunch of matthew mcconaugheys.
by musomman September 01, 2011
Appearing to be a good actor by being in good movies without actually being a good actor
Tom Cruise is a Matthew McConaughey
by MurphQuake February 04, 2014

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