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When you have to shit so bad that your terd goes in and out of your ass. Like a prairie dog would in his hole.
Mom can we please pull over im prairie doggin it.
by Robbie Young April 07, 2004
Partial fecal emission. Imminent defecatory state; notably, the inability to entirely retain the foremost portion of ones bowel movement.
Bill needed to find a toilet immediately because he was already "prairie dogging" it.
by Shuttleworth July 11, 2003
That special moment when a person really, really, really has to take a dump. It is so bad the shit is poking up like a prairie dog in and out of his hole.
I've got to find a bathroom fast, I'm prairie dogging it.
by JSP March 19, 2005
to stick one's head up out of a cubicle to look at something. The term comes from prairie dogs, who burrow in the ground. In a field with prairie dogs, if there's a loud noise, typically many of them will pop their heads up out of the ground.
John trashed his monitor in a fit of rage and all the prairie dogs popped up for a look.
by Jeff April 07, 2003
When one must defecate so severely that the feces partially leaves the body and is then retracted back in as does a Prairie Dog does in his hole.
Whoa dude, be right back, I'm starting to Prairie dog.
by Stewey August 24, 2007
This is the act of human fecal matter ( stool, turd, brown trout) slightly protruding out of the anus and then immediate retracting. This happens in humans but animals as well. It is the result of the person or animal needing desperately to defecate but for some reason cannot find facilities or the right place to evacuate the waste. It may happen many times before final evacuation. The term achieved it's name from prairie dogs being observed going in and out of their habitat.

note: As a result, in humans, this act can also cause another situation call "skid marks" which is the evidence of the PD stain left on the persons underware, other clothing or anything next to the anus where the Prairie Dog emerges.
"Hey mom, we have to stop at the next gas, Billy's got prairie dogs".

"My girl must have had prairie dogs tonight cause when we had sex I saw skid marks on her undies."
by SeaPilot June 28, 2009
1. a cute furry animal

2. that little bit of turd that sticks out and pops back in when your really gotta take a shit . . . pardon me . . . leave a shit.
1. Oh my god! Did you see that prariedog?

2. Oh my god! Did you smell that prariedog?
by Lucipher's right hand man October 22, 2004
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